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Ning Courts WordPress

Ning Courts WordPress

Ning (a premium DIY social networking service) is reaching out to WordPress fans by eliminating the need to repost blog entries upon ones social Ning network.

Built on the Ning API, Ning Publisher for WordPress allows WordPress blog posts to be automatically published into your Ning Pro Network’s blog section. This allows you to mirror content from your public WordPress blog inside your Ning Network, so your members can add comments without needing to visit a separate website. You can see this in action on the Brooklyn Art Project network.

You can also create a private WordPress blog that publishes directly to your Ning Network. This gives you the same seamless integration you’d get from using Ning’s built-in blogging tools, while allowing you to take advantage of advanced WordPress features and workflows. (Official Ning Blog)

Despite the fact that Ning already allows you to blog utilizing its services, the company probably realized that convincing users to ditch WordPress for Ning was a lost cause.

By allowing users to mirror posts over, Ning gives WordPress fans another reasons to utilize its platform while at the same time focusing on its strengths (which is social networking).

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This service is available for self hosted WordPress fans via plugin, although the company has opened up its API for other platforms as well (provided you can do the coding).

Ironically Ning currently faces competition in the DIY social networking space from BuddyPress by Automattic (aka the creators of WordPress), and it will be interesting to see if this new feature will convince WP fans to embrace Ning.

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