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Ning’s New Plans Go Live

Ning’s New Plans Go Live

Ning dumps free social networksAfter nixing their free plans and embracing a pure premium model, Ning users are now able to choose the plan that is right for them, although Ning is giving users until the end of August to choose a plan or find a new home.

The three new plans – Ning Mini, Ning Plus and Ning Pro – are now live!

I encourage you to take a look at your choices and decide which plan makes the most sense for you and your members. You’ll have until August 20th to purchase a plan, which should give you ample time to make a decision.  (Official Ning Blog)

The only users exempt from Ning’s new pricing plans are health networks and educational communities, both which received sponsorships in order to keep the site free for those respective users.

In order to help pacify their other premium customers, Ning is allowing users (regardless of plan) to run their sites ad free or even insert their own ads (although you will need to select Ning Plus to host your network upon a custom domain).

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It will be interesting to see how Ning’s premium model performs in the future against rivals like Posterous and the upcoming Google Me, who may try to woe Ning’s users away with freemium or free models, respectively.

Either way Ning’s network might appeal to users seeking to create an alternative to Facebook without dealing with the drama of hosting your own data.

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