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No Ads Coming To Twitter, TechCrunch Report Bogus

No Ads Coming To Twitter, TechCrunch Report Bogus

Silicon Alley Insider asked Twitter if there were indeed any ads rolling out on the site. The answer was no, which corresponds with a user commenting on the TechCrunch story, admitting to have been mistaken.

So no then, this time around. The question on how Twitter will monetize remains. It also poses some other questions, like how easily a story can come to be in the blogosphere, should it be on an interesting topic.

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  • I’m pretty sure that even though ads aren’t coming “soon” they are still coming. From everything I’ve seen Twitter would be adding ads at the bottom of SMS alerts, where the tips are occasionally located now. If that is what will happen I’m completely fine with it, it doesn’t bother me for Twitter to add 10 characters at the end of every 10th message or so and I would like to see the guys who do Twitter start to make some money.

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