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No New Nukes in the UK

No New Nukes in the UK

This story a highlight from my daily reading of the b5media blogs:
No New Nukes in the UK Petition at the Unplugged Living Blog and I couldn’t help but thinking its a good idea. I mean, Her Majesty’s Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland could export their nuclear plants to Iran, after all they are in the market for them, in the same way that France exports weapons to just about anyone and Australia sold wheat with a 10% cut to Saddam Hussein… I wonder if I can sell blogs to North Korea?

(PS there are a lot of wheat farmers in Western Australia who need your help now they’ve lost the Iraq contract. If you need some wheat and have a couple of spare billion to spend, contact AWB Ltd. Offer is open to dictators as well, and “trucking fees” are always great!).

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