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Nothing to Blog About: Are You Blogging What You Should Be Blogging?

Nothing to Blog About: Are You Blogging What You Should Be Blogging?

Nothing to blog about article series logoIn the last article in this new series called Nothing to Blog About, I asked you to go back to your roots, in a sense, to start over and find that “lovin’ feeling” you’ve lost about your blog subject matter to re-energize your creative blogging spirit.

What happens if you can’t find it? What happens if you’ve really lost that lovin’ feeling?

Are You Blogging What You Should Really Be Blogging?

In the early years of , I thought I should be writing only about . I felt limited and constrained by the subject matter, restricted to only WordPress subjects. As much as I am a WordPress fan, that got boring really fast. If I didn’t expand the subject matter, I felt that my blog would stagnate and so would I.

It wasn’t until I stopped and asked myself, “Are you blogging what you should be blogging?” that I realized that using WordPress wasn’t just about WordPress but the act of blogging. Web publishing. Community building. Having a voice and identity on the web.

Once I opened up the door to blogging topics in general, my writing energy flowed. I had a lot more things to write about. My site stays WordPress-centric, but I’ve been a blogger longer than WordPress has been around, so why restrict my expertise on that blog?

Teaching workshops and training programs on blogging and social media community building around the world, many participants walk through the door with a bloggy agenda in their heads. They know exactly what they want to blog about and why. Their goal is set.

As I take them through the step-by-step process of blog planning and creating a blog focus, it’s fascinating to watch them struggle with their blogging voice and identity, especially when challenged to come up with enough content for six months to a year of blogging. The concept that a blog isn’t a one night stand, fast publishing way to online marketing success often comes as a surprise. They soon realize they need to reassess their original goals and change their content intent.

If your goals are not realistic, fuzzy, and unclear when it comes to your blog content, then maybe you are blogging about the wrong subject, or at least from the wrong perspective on the subject.

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It could be time to let that go and find your real passion in blogging.

A blog is not set in concrete. It is an ever evolving publishing platform that represents your ever evolving content intentions. You must grow with your blogging abilities and topics, or you, too, will stagnate and lock up without enough subject mater to blog about over the long haul not short run.

If you are struggling to find something to blog about, maybe you aren’t blogging about the right subject. Maybe it’s time to rethink your bloggy goals. There are no laws that say you have to finish your life blogging on the same subject you started with. Maybe blogger’s block is a sign that you need to change the subject.

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  • Lorelle,
    Again your advice is on point and useful.
    We have been playing with a couple of blogs for the past few months and now feel that we are ready to get serious about an “official” version for our network.
    Your suggestions to focus and set clear objectives are very timely.

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