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Now the summer camp directors are worried about MySpace…

Now the summer camp directors are worried about MySpace…

Thursday’s New York times reports that the Internet is the number one issue facing summer camps:

Summer camp directors have a new scourge, and it is not mosquitoes or impetigo. It is the Internet, specifically sites like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster, where young people often post personal or revealing information.

Camps say they are increasingly concerned about being identified in photographs or comments on these sites, even innocuously. They worry about online predators tracking children to camp and about their image being tarnished by inappropriate Internet juxtapositions

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Seriously, isn’t this getting just a tad bit overblown?

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  • Sure it’s overblown. Just like the $30 million lawsuit launched on them. Parents don’t watch their kids, but they expect uncaring internet corporations to. It’s pretty standard fare anymore concerning lack of personal responsibility.

  • I guess summer camp is not what it used to be if you have to worry about the Internet. Is this referring to some freakish camp where the kids do not go outdoors. I guess I may be dating myself, but when I went to summer camp, I spent my time outside. And then we wonder why the little brats are not active enough and getting fatter by the minute. Like Darren, I have to ask, where are the parents and why do they expect the uncaring Internet company to do their work for them?

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