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NuevoStage Brings Groupon Type Buying To Band Bookings

NuevoStage Brings Groupon Type Buying To Band Bookings

NuevoStage Band Social Booking Website

NuevoStage wants to do for band bookings what Groupon has done for retail shopping. The site, currently in Alpha testing allows bands to sell tickets for their shows through the website, while sharing those upcoming gigs with fans.

Site founder Maxwell Wessel and co-founder Chris Allen came up with the idea when they realized that many venues (approximately 30,000 throughout the United States) have at least one night in which their stages are been underutilized, a fact that leads to a loss of revenue for club owners and a loss of a gig for bands who would love to book a spot.

The site works by allowing artists to post tickets for their show, just as company’s can do with Groupon. The band then spreads their message through social media sharing options, begging fans to buy their tickets. If for example 100 tickets are required and that number is met, the band has a gig, however if only 10 tickets can be sold the show is cancelled and the customers credit card is never charged.

NuevoStage plans to make money from the program by charging a small ticket processing fee, much in the same way TicketMaster makes money from their sales.

The site is in private Alpha and will launch “sometime this summer” according to Wessel.

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