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NxE Lists 50 Top Bloggers

NxE Lists 50 Top Bloggers

North x East has recently published its list of 50 most influential bloggers, which includes a variety of blogging personalities ranging from corporate bloggers, independent probloggers, blog network founders, and bloggers who have risen to the blogging A-list by virtue of their being influential in their respective fields.

These are the movers and shakers. When they speak, the blogging world listens.

[W]hat’s important is that these bloggers – and some of them are much more than just bloggers – are influential beyond the norm. The voices of these fifty bloggers reverberate throughout the blogosphere. They have had ideas that spread like viruses, and have styles that are mimicked by numerous others. They’ve created major blogs that have major audiences.

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Why do you need to know who they are? Because if you want to see the shape of blogging future, the trends that show us where blogging is heading, then these are the people to watch and listen to. Their success stories hold for us a key to and an inspiration for our own success.

The NxE list, which includes former Blog Herald publisher Duncan Riley, highlights top bloggers in various fields, such as technology, politics, entertainment, the arts, and business. Each entry gives a brief background of the blogger, and the reasons why he/she matters.

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