NY Post gets it wrong on sacked blogger

Alisha Berger and Sam Smith at the NY Post have either stuffed up their fact checking or have out-and-out lied in recycling a story on former Starbucks employee Matthew Brown, a member of the list of bloggers sacked for blogging about their employers. In this article in the Post 2 Jan, Smith and Berger claim that Brown was sacked 3 weeks ago. One small problem. Brown was sacked back in late August/ early September, according to an article posted to Blogcritics. Strange also that in the original article, Brown resided in Canada, which the NY Post strangely leaves out of the story.

Now if memory serves me correctly, the NY Post is a News Corp paper headed by former Sydney Telegraph editor Col Allan? Accuracy never was high on the list at the Telegraph and things seemed to have not improved in NY.

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  • You’re right. The article ran several months after it was reported. Unfortunately, it was never updated by the editor who finally decided to print it. It read, “three weeks” rather than “several months.” Mistakes happen, but I don’t think there was any malice in this one. Best, Alisha

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