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NY Times Blogs Inside Baghdad

NY Times Blogs Inside Baghdad

The New York Times sets up the “Baghdad Bureau: Iraq from the Inside,” a blog designed to show readers what it’s like to live outside the Green Zone (the center of international presence in the city).

Even though the blog was launched several days ago, posts date back to January. What are your thoughts on pre-writing blog entries and then back-dating them for launch?

The blog becomes the 54th launched by the embattled newspaper. Given the criticism they’ve faced in recent weeks on their coverage of U.S. presidential-hopeful John McCain, this blog seems poised to come under fire.

According to a release from the Times:

Baghdad Bureau will address the daily challenges that confront the city’s inhabitants, such as the difficulties of traveling around the country and the experience of going through a security checkpoint…”The blog will also invite Iraqis to write about their personal journeys, such as their decisions to stay or leave the country and the feeling of running into the aftermath of a car bomb explosion.

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The NY Times also promises images and videos that promise to give an inside look at Iraq and its people.

You can read more about the blog here.

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