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Occupy Wall Street Organizers To Build Social Protesting Network

Occupy Wall Street Organizers To Build Social Protesting Network

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If there’s one thing that will come out of the Occupy Wall Street it’s a new movement towards social media protesting and to serve that purpose organizers of the Occupy Wall Street movement are building a social network that focuses specifically on protests.

Speaking to Wired developer Ed Knutson said:

“We don’t want to trust Facebook with private messages among activists.”

The idea stems from a November issue of RoarMag in which it’s stated:

“In addition to the local squares, we now need a global square where people of all nations can come together as equals to participate in the coordination of collective actions and the formulation of common goals and aspirations. For this reason, we call upon the revolutionary whizkids of the world to unite and assist in the development of a new online platform – The Global Square – that combines the communicative functions of the existing social networks with the political functions of the assemblies to provide crucial new tools for the development of our global movement.”

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Visitors to the website will find plenty of helpful tools including an interactive map of protests around the world, a search option to find movements in your area, a Facebook type news feed, debate forums, a space for collaboration efforts, messaging and more. Basically the site will act like Facebook without the games (perhaps an OWS game?).

The site is expected to launch in January and follows in the footsteps of another OWN movement, a hackathon that was created by OWN broadcaster Tim Pool.

Do you think protesters will flock to the new site or continue to use Facebook, Twitter and already established social networks to spread their messages?

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