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Officer YouTube, Well Done!

Officer YouTube, Well Done!

Some people might say the Internet Sucks — in part because of the rampant crime related to stalking and the like. Well, to that, I point out a humble article from the Guardian. The British tendency to video tape everything now extends to the common man and his video phone, and has resulted in catching some young whippersnapper hooligan, in a particularly low blow who must be lower than a snakes belly in a submarine shit house , snatching the glasses off a charity worker, probably thinking he was having a good laugh taking a piss.

Luckily, the story has a decent out come ends lovely jubbly. The police figured out what was wrong had gone trotters up, and they were able to use the video in finding and apprehending the young hooligan. He must have been a little shocked hit for six at how YouTube was used. How’s that for “internet teh sucks!”

[British Idiom supplied by Wikipedia]
PS. If you are as equally horrified at how I butchered the British Idiom, of course you may voice your outrage below

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  • Hmm, butchered, maybe…

    But I’m quite sure ‘taking a piss’ should be ‘taking the piss’. Or maybe that’s the way ‘us’ Australians have butchered the English saying!! :D

    Ok, so I thought it might be a good idea to follow the wikipedia link before I posted this, and I’m right (wooohoo!), it’s ‘taking the piss’. It gets used quite a lot here in Australia too.


  • I would have liked to see “you’re knicked” and “but I didn’t do nothin guv” worked into the story. Oh, and it’s a video dog an bone.

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