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Official: MSN Spaces breaks 10 million blogs

Official: MSN Spaces breaks 10 million blogs

After prediciting Wenesday in the latest Blog Herald blog count that MSN Spaces now had 10 million blogs, the figure has been confirmed by Infoworld today which writes in “The Battle for the Blogosphere” that MSN Spaces now hosts over 10 million blogs, and that the adoption rate has blown past internal Microsoft expectations.

“MSN Spaces is the fastest growing service MSN has ever introduced,” said Brooke Richardson, lead product manager at MSN communication services, is quoted in the article.

The article itself is interesting in its analysis of the battle for the blog market, but also some interesting stats and quotes.

On stats:

In April, when MSN Spaces exited its beta period, it was already among the most popular blogging sites in the U.S. based on stats indicating 2.87 million unique visitors, according to market researcher comScore Networks.

MSN Spaces was topped only by blogging stalwarts. Google’s Blogger and its accompanying Blogspot hosting site together drew 12.63 million unique visitors, followed by Six Apart’s Typepad and LiveJournal services, which together rang up 11.47 million, and by with 8.26 million.

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On quotes, the losing side tries to make light of the fact that they are losing the battle of the blogosphere to Microsoft with some positive sentiment:

“We definitely welcome it [Spaces etc] because it brings more people to blogging and helps expose blogging to a larger audience, so that helps us because more people will realize they’ll want to use our products,” says Six Apart’s Mena Trott. “We’re heavily influencing what they put in their services, so in terms of innovation we’re not too scared about that.”

Whether she will be proven right will be a matter for the future, but if I was a SA VC I’d be crapping my pants about now: Microsoft went off beta less than 2 months ago, and they are already ahead, imagine what will happen when they actually provide a serious alternative.

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  • Wow. 10 million blogs. That are more blogs then some small countries have inhabiants. e.g. Switzerland with only 5 mio.

  • Ten million blogs, but, blogs about what? Nothing. MSN has done nothing of any real value for futhering the concept of web logs other than supply space. It also censors certain words which is in direct opposition of what a blog is all about.

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