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Old Twitter Will Disappear This Week

Old Twitter Will Disappear This Week

Twitter BirdConsider this post a public service announcement, Twitter will officially stop allowing users to operate under the old Twitter interface by the end of this week.

In a simple Tweet officials at the company said:

“If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week.”

Users who are still on the old system will also notice a message at the top of the page which reads:

“You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon. Switch To New Twitter Now.”

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise to Twitter users who have been warned for months that they would soon lose access to the old interface.

Here’s the message currently displaying to users of the old Twitter interface:

Twitter Old Interface

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When the new system was first introduced many users were outraged with the new setup, refusing to so much as create compatible themes for the new setup, however I have personally witnessed many “converts” to the new system over the last several months and Twitter has worked to speed up their system while pushing out less “fail whales” which in turn should help users realize that the new system functions at a higher level than the old.

What do you think about New Twitter vs. Old Twitter.


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