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One Food Blog Is Proving Just How Successful Food Blogs Can Be

One Food Blog Is Proving Just How Successful Food Blogs Can Be

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There are literally thousands of food blogs on the web, but only a handful of them are successful. But, how successful can one food blog really be? Can you make a living off of curating recipes and taking pictures of pretty food? One food blog is proving that you can do much more than that.

Pinch of Yum is one of those successful blogs that is an example of how profitable blogging can be. The Huffington Post recently revealed just how lucrative the site was. Established in 2009, Pinch of Yum was created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. A husband and wife duo that had a real passion for food. Their dedication to their craft paid off when the two were able to make the blog their full time job in 2014.

Besides posting posts about meals that are sure to make your mouth water just by looking at them, they decided to one thing differently. The Ostroms post their financial information on the blog for all to see. Every penny of their spending and earnings are recorded on the blog.

The couple says they decided to do that to pull back the curtain on the mystery of food blogging. Many were questioning how they could function as a business and live off of their profit.

The Ostroms began this system back in 2011. In a quest to see if they could make more money, they posted the month’s meager earnings: $21.97. Over the years, readers could watch their profits grow and their hard work pay off. For instance, in November of 2016, Pinch of Yum brought in $95,197.34. In one year, they made more than $800,000.

So, how do the Ostroms make their money? Most of the profit comes from sponsored content and advertisements, but they also receive profits from Amazon partnerships and their e-book.

The Huffington Post took a month by month look at Pinch of Yum’s financial success and it is pretty impressive. Take a look:

December ‘15
Income: $86,884.12
Expenses: -$16,377.44
Profit: $70,546.68

January ‘16
Income: $77,140.58
Expenses: -$28,314.83
Profit: $48,825.75

February ‘16
Income: $63,682.99
Expenses: -$28,062.54
Profit: $35,620.45

March ‘16
Income: $58,060.81
Expenses: -$28,489.19
Profit: $29,571.62

April ‘16
Income: $57,686.15
Expenses: -$23,777.03
Profit: $33,909.12

May ‘16
Income: $56,061.9
Expenses: -$25,246.66
Profit: $30,815.31

June ‘16
Income: $59,737.78
Expenses: -$29,918.17
Profit: $29,819.61

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July ‘16
Income: $65,677.72
Expenses: -$27,091.35
Profit: $38,586.37

August ‘16
Income: $58,465.41
Expenses: -$21,701.08
Profit: $36,764.33

September ‘16
Income: $52,222.60
Expenses: -$29,251.75
Profit: $22,970.85

October ‘16
Income: $71,327.08
Expenses: -$31,525.73
Profit: $39,801.35

November ‘16
Income: $95,197.34
Expenses: -$28,505.27
Profit: $66,692.07

Of course, Pinch of Yum is a rare case. Even as successful blogs don’t see this kind of profits. The Ostroms are a true example of how hard work and dedication can pay off!

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