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Only 10% of Chinese bloggers register with Government

Only 10% of Chinese bloggers register with Government

Attempts by the Chinese government to force Chinese bloggers to register their blogs has failed, with only 430,000 Chinese bloggers registring with the country’s Information Ministry, representing around 10% of the estimatated number of blogs in China.

Failure to register blogs in China can result in sites being shut down, and potential jail time for those failing to comply.

The Australian reports
that there are said to be some 40,000 “internet police” working to block access to sites the Chinese Communist party doesn’t like, and to assure that local internet users are complying with the country’s laws regarding speech. There are also said to be at least 61 people in Chinese jails for posting illegal messages or articles on the internet.

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  • no,no,no “430,000 Chinese bloggers registring”
    it’s 430,000 personal web site.
    the blogger that using service of bsp should not registre.

  • This post does not surprise me. For about a year I had a sort of pen pal with whom I communicated via email and she just stopped writing. My emails to her started being returned undeliverable. We were close enough that I think if she could have, she would have continued to write. She was an employee of the government as a teacher and I got the impression that censors had stopped her emails from coming through!

  • I agree with zheng, you made a big mistake in the statistics. The news said 430 thousand personal website with its own domain name and hosted spaces have registed in Chinese government, it is not blogger. but the estimated bloggers include a large number of bloggers using the service of several BSPs. According to the statistics of MII of China, about 76% of personal website have registered.

  • Given the gross mistake you made in calculating the above statistic, would the responsible thing to do be to edit it, or include a clarification? Like zheng and Tangos said, the government requires the registration of IP addresses/domains, not weblogs.

  • This goes to the issue: “Chinese — honorable or not ???”

    Thought you all should know about this. It may lead somewhere.

    thank you..

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