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Only 5% Of Adults Use Location Based Check-In Services

Only 5% Of Adults Use Location Based Check-In Services

Location Based Services - Adult Users Demographic

As location based check-in services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places attempts to make a bigger dent in the online market they may want to rethink how they target their adult demographic. That’s because adults in a recent study revealed that only 5% of older users take advantage of location based services and everything they offer.

Surveying 37,000 people the Forrester Group found that only 2% of adult users take advantage of location based services (LBS) at least once or more per week, while 1% of users claim to use the service once a month and 2% of users say they use the service but less than one time per month.

The heart of the issue appears to be that many adults don’t even realize that location based services exist, for example 70% of respondents said they didn’t even realize that location based check-in programs exist. That 70% statistics is however a vast improvement over the 84% of adult users who were unfamiliar with location based services in 2010.

Location based services also appear not to resonate with a subset of adults with 10% saying they have seen the programs used but have chosen not to use them and the remaining 14% say they have heard of the program but have never seen them actually used by anyone. 

The study wasn’t all doom and gloom for the likes of Foursquare which just announced their 15 millionth user, the study found that users of location based products are twice as likely to share information about products they have recently purchased.

So who is using Foursquare and other programs that share location based information? According to the survey 75% of users are between the ages of 23 and 45.

The study has also revealed that female users are finally taking to LBS applications with 37% of users listed as female, up from 22% in 2010.

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With Facebook acquiring Gowalla and more applications beginning to use location based services there’s a good chance that more adults will inadvertently take to location based services in the future but only time will tell.




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