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OnStar Begins Beta Testing Facebook App

OnStar Begins Beta Testing Facebook App

OnStar LogoA beta group of OnStar customers today received the ability to test the company’s new Facebook application.

Beta testers were able to add their Facebook log-in credentials through the web, then after enabled they could hear Facebook status updates from inside their vehicle.

Users simply push the OnStar button then ask for “Virtual Advisor” they then give the command for “Facebook” and their newsfeed begins to read outloud in their vehicle.

According to OnStar, the system also has the capability to recognize acronyms and read them outloud. For example LOL would be read as “laughing out loud.” Users can then stay “stop” and say “update Facebook” at which point the users spoken message is turned into a Facebook page status update.

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Further testing is still needed to ensure voice recognition services work as advertised, but for now it shows the huge reach Facebook has in our lives and it’s definitely safer to update your Facebook account this way then constantly looking down at your phone and typing as you drive.

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