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Over one hundred marketing bloggers collaborate on charity e-book

Over one hundred marketing bloggers collaborate on charity e-book

103 marketing professionals from around the globe, all of whom blog, have collaborated to create an e-book, profits of which will go towards helping the Variety children’s charity.

Initiated by Drew McLellan from Iowa and Gavin Heaton from Sydney, they came up with the topic – “The Age of Conversation” – and charity after a three email exchange, and then invited other marketing professionals to commit to write essays about conversation.

Within seven days, 103 had committed.

“What began as a comment online has grown into a major collaborative effort by bloggers from 24 states and eight other nations,” said McLellan.

He continued, “The Age of Conversation was the perfect topic. The marketing industry is abuzz about how the citizen marketers are changing the landscape. This book captures that new phenomenon.”

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“We’ve been amazed at the variety of approaches that have been taken, and with hardly any duplication or overlap,” said Heaton. “This book explores the art of conversation and how it is changing the face of marketing from virtually every angle possible.”

The Age of Conversation is available in all three formats. Prices are: e-book: $9.99 ($7.99 going to charity)paperback book: $16.95 ($8.10 to charity)hardback book: $29.99 ($8.55 to charity)

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