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Paedophile warning on Moblogs

Paedophile warning on Moblogs

Rachel O’Connell, head of the UK’s new National Internet Safety Information Centre, who more recently was in the headlines for telling the Scottish Parliament that blogging is “a paedophile’s dream“, has turned her attention to moblogs today.

She is reported to have said that children have to be careful when placing photographs or personal information about themselves and their daily routine on the web as Paedophiles could use this to decide who they are going to target for online grooming.

She conitnued that Paedophiles could obtain details about the child’s life and hobbies from their moblogs to guide them. “Moblogging can be a great laugh and there is scope for it to be used in a safe way,” she said. “The worry is that children are not informed enough to use this new capability safely.”

No mention of parental supervision or guidance was given.

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(ref: The Scotsman)

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