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Pagans get its own social network

Pagans get its own social network

Pagans now have a social network of their own. is the social network for pagan and neo-pagan communities developed to provide an environment to gather and share of wisdom among it’s growing membership base.

Its membership base is primarily Wiccan practitioners who are either initiates, solitary, High Priestess, High Priest and the curious seeker.

The social network is built by its members participation like posting content such as in a blog or forum or writing an article. Member may elevated to significant roles within the community. Members are rewarded for actions by earning points represented as “Blessings”, which are commensurate with their activities such as inviting a guest, having a guest become a member, posting content to the community and so on.

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  • I’m welcoming venues for all Pagan practice traditions as strives to do better each day. They are proactive moment by moment. Members can communicate directly with the developer offering feedback returned with immediate results. They are actively in the trenches and a testament to our resolve as Pagans for freedom of religion and expression.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s one or many networks for us. They are all very special and much needed. has only been on the Internet for less than 4 weeks now and is growing like crazy since its soft ALPHA launch last week. evolved from a humble free Geocities website first posted in 2002. The primary contributing developer has been a practicing Pagan since age 12. The social network came about after much soul searching and a burning need to do more for the Goddess tradition and support from a devout Christian spouse of 13 years. It was an inpiration created literally overnight and activated on May 21, 2007 at Spring Equinox, a time for new beginnings. It just seemed like the right time and the right thing to do. is a welcomed friend in the space for Pagan pride. It’s a really good thing!

    Blessed be to both and for their courage and dedication to the craft.

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