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Page Center welcomes Kraus and Parsons to advisory committee

Page Center welcomes Kraus and Parsons to advisory committee

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The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication demonstrates its commitment to enhancing integrity and ethics in public communication by welcoming two new advisory committee members, Margery Kraus and Patrick Parsons.

Kraus, founder of the advocacy firm APCO Worldwide, and Parsons, Emeritus Professor of Communications, bring a rich array of experiences in global communication leadership and academia. Praised for their experience, the committee shares their excitement for the valuable prospects these two industry veterans will offer.

Since founding APCO in 1984, Kraus has remarkably expanded the Washington D.C.-based company with her expertise in strategic consultancy. Her ability to navigate challenging scenarios and use a thorough approach in market entry plans has sustained profitable ventures and amplified the company’s reputation in the consulting sector.

Kraus’ leadership indeed led APCO to secure globally-recognized status as a privately-owned consultancy firm with predominantly female ownership. Furthermore, her strategic decisions have enriched the company’s resilience, allowing it to withstand economic downturns and maintain its competitive edge.

To add to her many accolades, Kraus has been honored with prestigious awards like the Multicultural Media & Correspondents Association Lifetime Achievement Award and the IWEC Foundation Award, among others.

Expanding Page Center committee with industry veterans

These awards spotlight her dedicated service in multicultural media and pioneering work in technology.

Patrick Parsons, on the other hand, has spent 37 years in academia, contributing significantly to journalism and telecommunications ethics. As the Director of an Ethical Leadership Program, he has authored several literature pieces illuminating the evolution of media ethics.

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Parsons’s groundbreaking research on the effects of technology on communication channels and society has impacted both the academic world and industrial implementation. Not one to shy away from tackling controversial issues, his investigative research sets new standards.

The inclusion of powerful figures like Kraus and Parsons strengthens the Page Center’s efforts as a global leader in researching ethics and public communication integrity. Having granted over $1 million to nearly 300 scholars in the past two decades, the Center has significantly influenced policies and practices in global public communication sectors.

In the future, the Page Center will continue to sponsor rigorous scholarship on communication ethics. It aims to reinforce its mission of enhancing integrity in public discourse, thus encouraging various entities in the corporate, governmental, and nonprofit sectors to uphold ethical standards in public communication.

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