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Page Rank Update underway

Page Rank Update underway

All the nets buzzing as Google has hit the dance button and a Google Page Rank Update is underway.

To check what the Google Data Centers are saying about your Page Rank use this tool. Basically as Page Rank is being updated you’ll start to see different PR on different Google servers. At the time of writing reports suggest that and are showing the changes but I’m also seeing PR for some new sites on and

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  • yep…I’ve seen some nice changes across my blogs, including two previous zeros jumping to 5.

    My main site has moved from 5 to 6.

    Nice :)

  • Looks like Syntagma Media is getting 5s almost across the board, except for the newest one. I see you’ve retained your 7, Duncan, and it looks like Darren’s up to 7.

    I was sad to see my original Windows Vista blog, now part of b5media, down from 7 to 6. Could that have anything to do with my departures? ;-)

  • I am noticing changes one hour and then it reverts to the previous page rank later. Will probably take a few days for it to sort itself out. Have seen some good raises so far though.

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