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Pajama’s accused of being front for Bush Administration
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  • Tony accused me of being a paid Bush shill for making an argument that was perfectly valid. He didn’t address my arguments at all.

    In reply, I asked him why he didn’t go one step further and point out how many Jews and Likudnik apologists are on the PJM payroll — just like this guy did.

    Why is it okay for Tony to make accusations against which I’m supposed to defend myself and my integrity, but it’s wrong to ask him to explain his motives?

  • it’s ok for me to make accusations,
    it’s also ok for you to ignore them
    however if you wish to defend yourself, you can certainly ask me to explain my motives, i think the blogosphere gasped though when you pulled out the “oh are you after me cuz im a jew” card.

    for some reason we expected more from you.

  • Jeff Goldstein is full of crap & has been mischaracterizing my post about PJM up & down the blogworld. First, my post about PJM attacks the group for being front loaded with Likudnicks & neocons supporting a hard-right concept of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

    I never said nor wrote anything (esp. not disparagingly) about PJM members being Jewish. That’s all a product of G’s fervid, anti-Semitism infused imagination.

    PJM IS a rigidly ideological pro-Likud style project (you only have to read LGF & Roger Simon’s blog to know this). Its readers & the blogworld should know this before they enter the inner sanctum.

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