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Pakistan Unblocks YouTube, Facebook Still Considered Evil

Pakistan Unblocks YouTube, Facebook Still Considered Evil

After blocking YouTube and Facebook due to the “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” fan page, it looks as if the government has come to its senses and has lifted the ban against YouTube (well almost).

According to the AFP, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (aka PTA) decided to lift the ban against Youtube save for 550 sites that it deems “inappropriate” (probably due to sacrilegious content making fun of Islam’s founder).

Currently the nation of Pakistan blocks about 1,200 sites total, of which YouTube receives the greatest amount of censorship.

Unfortunately for Facebook Pakistani fans, the blue and white social network still remains banned within the border until May 31st, although its unclear whether or not that ban will be extended into June.

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Hopefully the courts will seriously consider unblocking Facebook, as blocking an entire website over the actions of a few is (to put it bluntly) idiotic and ridiculous as it only hurts the average Pakistani resident (who probably uses Facebook to communicate with friends and family).

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