Now Reading Adds Facebook News To Daily Aggregation Service Adds Facebook News To Daily Aggregation Service Facebook Login on Tuesday rolled out Facebook support for their popular Twitter news aggregation service.

The program works much in the same manner as the company’s Twitter option, users start by signing into their Facebook account (pictured above) and then they create their paper.

Papers are created by first, giving them a title, second choosing a keyword (up to 3 words) and finally choosing what language the paper should be created in.

Aggregated information is auto-chosen based on your keywords and is composed only of “searchable” content from Facebook. The search friendly aspect means users you are not friends with will have content in your paper, as long as they have their privacy settings set to allow for public searching of their posts.

Unfortunately at this time Twitter and Facebook can not be culled into one unified paper, but that just means you now have two different chances to reach out to your social followers on different platforms.

Not familiar with content aggregation of this sort? Take a look at the screenshot below, I named the paper “BlogHerald” and then I chose the keyword “Google Chrome OS” to mark the official reveal of the Cr-48 today, the first Chrome OS netbook.

BlogHerald Facebook Paper

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As you may have noticed, the system isn’t perfect, the post on the bottom right hand side is not in English, even though “English” was chosen as the language of choice. However scrolling down further reveals some decent results:

Paper.Li List

What do you think about both and the newly added ability to create Facebook aggregated content?

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