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Paramedic sacked for blog postings

Paramedic sacked for blog postings

A paramedic working for the Plymouth Community Ambulance Association, Pennsylvania, has been fired for making inappropriate postings to her Xanga blog.

The blogger, known only as “IVWoman”, posted photographs that included one of several men of Mexican original who had only moments before escaped a burning house, with the caption: “Mexican jumping beans” and another set of photographs of an elderly woman’s filthy bed and her partner wafting his nose at the stench. Another image depicted a man with a head wound.

The Times Herald reports that Montgomery County Sheriff John Durante said the paramedic was promptly fired from the company, but declined further comment, citing personnel and liability issues.

“We don’t know if they were real photographs,” Durante told the paper, “and there is no way of telling. But the facts are that it is inappropriate.”

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The blog has since been removed from Xanga, but can still be viewed (minus the pictures) via the Google Cache here.

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