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Path’s “Personal Network” Startup Receives Big Funding Round

Path’s “Personal Network” Startup Receives Big Funding Round

Path Social NetworkFor web users who want a more intimate social networking experience Path with their mobile platform that offers only a 50 friend limit has become a popular destination and today the company has announced a round of Series A funding.

The company’s newest round of funding brings with it $8.65 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Index Ventures, Digital Garage Japan and First Round Capital.

That money comes after $2.5 million was originally raised in Angel funding from Index and First Round.

Path was founded by former Facebook employee Dave Morin and several other big names in tech and the site promises to keep away spammers by limiting the size of a persons network, leaving users to more closely choose who they accept into their network.

The site is still in it’s infancy with Apps currently only available via iPhone and iPod Touch devices, however the user base is quickly growing, already reaching 2 million users.

Funding comes just weeks after the site announced 10-second video clips and simple emoticons which should help the site with metadata information.

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Now if we could just get an Android App, maybe even a Blackberry options, perhaps the site would be useful for all of our friends or at least the connected ones.

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