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Paul Stamatiou takes a look at Firefox plugin Feedly

Paul Stamatiou takes a look at Firefox plugin Feedly

Georgia Tech tech-blogger Paul Stamatiou reviews Feedly – a new plugin for firefox at his blog

Feedly is described as “a more social and magazine-like start page.”

Feedly taps into RSS aggregators like Bloglines and Google Reader and socially-oriented sites like Friendfeed and Twitter. The end result is a tight grasp on information overload. Loads of information from feeds you subscribe to and other services you interact with are all funneled into one nicely designed start page.

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Feedly is a pretty interesting when used as a startpage rather than Google or another aggregation service. As Paul states, it offers a tight integration of various services into a useful startpage/homepage environment that can be somewhat tailored to your needs.

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  • I can’t get on with this, but I must admit I’ve not really given it a proper go as yet. I’ll have a look at it in the morning when I’m more awake ! It’d be interesting to see how everyone else finds it !

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