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PayPerPost Has a New Look, Same Questionable Ethics?

PayPerPost Has a New Look, Same Questionable Ethics?

Full disclosure: It’s been a year and a half since my Google PageRank slid into mediocrity and I am still carrying a grudge.

My six-month foray into the gray world of paid posts resulted in a hardcore spanking when my blog was punished by Google for cashing in with PayPerPost. In exchange for a lousy few dollars, my blog experienced irrecoverable harm.

But here we are…in a world when the economy is hurting. My wallet is hurting. And Google PR is probably more irrelevant than ever before.

Perhaps it’s not a coincidence that an e-mail announcing a new and improved PayPerPost landed in my inbox the other day. Among the changes:

– Streamlined dashboard
– No more advertiser-set prices
– No blog approval process
– Default payment of $5 per link and $.03 per word.

While I hardly fancy myself an ethicist, my instinct still tells me that promoting advertisers on your blog in this fashion goes against every shred of journalistic integrity. But bloggers and journalists are not one and the same. Or are they? (the endless debate continues!)

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Not one to get burned twice, I will resist the little devil on my shoulder and opt to NOT rejoin the PayPerPost crowd. If you are already registered, your account will be automatically upgraded and imported into their new system.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the PayPerPost business model. Cause let’s be honest…it’s easy to say it’s lame, but it’s also easy money during difficult times.

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  • I have never understood the problem with PPP. A little bit of advertising never hurt anyone (especially google) and aren’t we used to it by now it’s everywhere after all. I wish everyone would stop dropping hints that there is some sort of ethical code in blogging. It’s Dog eat Dog for God’s sake and Content is still King and yes…I don’t know what I’m talking about but I’d do anything to get another reader…

  • Pay-Per-Post turned my lesbian dating blog down. So….

    I did write two blog posts for Blogsvertise – they didn’t turn me down. I got paid $10 for one blog entry and $14 for the other. It took me a total of about 10 minutes to write both of them – so $24 for 10 minutes.

    Yeah, I’m going to continue to blog for money whenever I can. The blog snobs can continue to diss. I’ll continue to make money.

    Oh, and by the way, Google Adsense sucks.

  • Thanks for the review, Andrew! The latest PPP, v4.0 is based on both advertiser and blogger feedback from the original PPP. PPPv4.0 requires no codes to be installed to your blog and there is no approval process for blogs, so no one will be turned away.

    In addition, when advertisers set up opportunities, they will be matched with bloggers that meet their criteria and they can then choose which bloggers to work with. That means that you as a blogger will only see offers that are open and available to you which you can then choose to accept or not.

    The new site is still in Alpha and we have only just this week opened the site to the public, so we do hope that you will continue to share your feedback and ideas as to how we can make the site better.

    All the Best,
    Carri Bright
    Communications Lead
    IZEA Customer Love

  • I actually never got an email about the new version. I have been using PPP on and off for a few years. Recently I got the old rank-spank for the second time… but I don’t really care too much about PR anymore..
    I’m not sure what to think about the new system and whether or not it will be any more worthwhile than the original one. However, I wasn’t automatically upgraded. I made a new account to check out the new version 4 and my old account is still there in the old marketplace, where there are still opps around.

    I hope it doesn’t end up too much like socialspark. I couldn’t find anything worthwhile on that site.

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