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PayPerPost Launches RSS Brief Alpha

PayPerPost Launches RSS Brief Alpha

The folks behind PayPerPost recently tipped us on the Alpha release of RSS Brief, a new, innovative RSS feed reader that summarizes feed content not just by truncating, but by actually using technology that analyzes the language within the blog posts.

RSSBrief uses some very slick lexical analysis technology to produce a proper precis of blog posts and other RSS feed contents to let you instantly get the skinny on a post without having to spend a lot of time drilling down into the details. With RSSBrief you can automatically reduce hundreds of pages of blog feed contents to just a handful, letting you keep up to speed with the latest happenings in the blogosphere quicker than ever before.

Bear in mind, we’re talking a full precis of a post here, just like Mrs. Smith taught you how to do in Middle School English all those years ago. We know how annoying it is to be reading a post that some lame aggregating service decided to simply truncate.

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I’ve tried it and so far it’s still not 100% perfect, particularly for blogs that don’t publish feeds in full (I’m not sure how RSS Brief will handle these). But then again it’s still in Alpha, so we should expect developments soon.

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  • This sounds really interesting, it sounds very similar to the summarize service in OS X (which isn’t that great). I don’t think that I would ever use it but it is something to keep an eye on, especially if you blog, keeping tabs on what this app does to your posts is going to be a must.

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