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PC Live Launches Computer Troubleshooting Blog

PC Live Launches Computer Troubleshooting Blog

PC users know that the ‘blue screen of death’ can always be seconds away. To help alleviate a potential headache, services like PCLive exist. Starting at around $60, they’ll fix your computer remotely. And if they can’t, you don’t pay a cent.

Since we’re always searching for free ways to get out of jams, blogs are a good place to turn for PC troubleshooting help. For PC’s Sake is the latest such blog. Started by the aforementioned PCLive,the blog is designed to provide an interactive community that helps educate users on how to solve simple but nagging PC problems, and to share tips and tricks from both customers and the staff.

“PCs are subject to all kinds of issues,” said Robert O’Dell, CEO of SecurityCoverage, Inc.,’s parent company. “Some, like viruses, spyware, pop-ups, etc. come from the outside. Others come from the inside – for example an incorrect setting that keeps a software application from running properly. Often when these issues occur, the first thought is ‘someone must have figured out how to solve this before.’ Our new blog is designed to draw upon the collective knowledge of PC users all over the world, creating a central location where users can find simple answers to their questions, and share their knowledge of a particular issue with others.”

Kicking off the blog is Dan Gookin, author of the PCs for Dummies book series. Look for other well-known writers in the future.

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Killing viruses, spyware and pop-ups is always satisfying, especially when you can figure out how you can do it on your own.

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  • Hi all of you
    Great blog. Got a nice blog! keep on blogging. Please visit mine too.I think this is a great resource.
    Thank you

  • As my old man use to say “DIY (Do it Yourself) is always the best way to handle things.” A lot of these computer repair shops make a killing off fixing folks spyware and virus problems. When in reality all they are doing is running an anti spyware/antivirus program that anyone can get for themselves. It’s fascinating.

    Here is the one I use

  • i use dataone broad band service. after connecting net within 10/15 mts. the tool/address bar which display the net connection changes its color for a while and broadens , simultaneously the connection becomes static. The icon for broad band connection cannot be operated then. To upload/download i used to restart machine again. I have scanned my machine for viruses. I used free Avira Antivir PE. pl help.

  • Nice work, I be reading more of your blogs since computer repair can be tricky, so learning how to fix PC problems before they happen is a good idea.

    Keep up the good work.

  • When I tried to log on to my laptop, a box saying “there are not sufficient resources to load” my account with the default something-or-other popped up. The message had a timer that was going to close the box, and then when it closed it would not log me on. I could not turn it off normally so I cut the power. When I turned it back on I logged on fine?
    I read here Worcester PC but couldnt make sense?


  • There are a lot of blogs and sites that offer free tutorials and tips on how to troubleshoot their computers. PC repair actually really pain in the ass especially to those who didn’t know how to fix it. and most users go online to find some solutions and tips how to fix and prevent their PC from trouble.

  • There are a lot of blogs and sites that act uncommitted tutorials and tips on how to troubleshoot their computers. PC amend actually really untune in the ass especially to those who didn’t live how to fix it. and most users go online to feel whatsoever solutions and tips how to fix and prevent their PC from trouble.
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  • I have a computer [Pentium 4] running Win XP. I have only changed the thermal cooler of processor due to bad sound of fan and nothing done except it. After finishing the work, I am trying to start PC, but at every attempt, autmatically power stopped when windows start screen appeared. I have checked all connection and RAM, HDD etc. everthing is OK. AGP and sound card built in on mother board. What is the cause and remidy?

  • Hi ,

    My PC has become a big headache!!! Most of the Applications like word , adobe , etc used to crash suddenly after using for sometime . My browser used to crash very very frequently . I have tried internet explorer, mozilla firefox , safari , all of them crash . I used to get the Blue Screen of death also . So i did a clean installation of Windows XP SP2 . Now i don’t get the Blue Screen of death but all my applications crash after using for sometime . Its very irritating . Today i noticed that the system rebooted itself twice . Can somebody please help me with this .

    Thanks .

  • What is the best way for computer troubleshoot which slowdown? So I just restarted my computer and it’s getting laggy, not necessarily slow just kind of freezing then jolting ahead. Youtube videos were streaming fine and now the video is stopping and catching up, although the sound streams fine? What should I do to fix this? There is nothing running now that wasn’t running earlier before this occurred. Thanks.

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