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Peek Releases TwitterPeek, a $99 Gadget for Twitter

Peek Releases TwitterPeek, a $99 Gadget for Twitter

twitterpeekI asked this before when I first came across TwitterPeek – Is Twitter so big that there is already a market for a dedicated device exclusively for its use? Peek, makers of TwitterPeek believe so as they officially launched and released their simple device, TwitterPeek.I couldn’t believe it myself when I first learned about TwitterPeek.  Frankly, I don’t see a point tin spending extra bucks just to be able to post Tweets, reply to a Tweet or DMs or RTs, anytime, anywhere. Can’t we do this via our mobile phones?

But like the Peek blog says – it will be more interesting if we can tweet and reply to conversations in real time, not from behind a PC and definitely not using our mobile phones. In the first place, using your mobile phones for Twitter purposes requires two things – an expensive smartphone that supports Twitter third-party apps and a decent mobile data plan.

And that’s TwitterPeek’s battle plan. To provide a more affordable way of taking Twitter wherever, whenever.  The device will set you back for $99 inclusive of 6 months data service. And it’s actually available from Amazon.

So, should you decide to purchase TwitterPeek,  for what purpose will you use it? I could think of several ways by which this device will useful.

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  • for brand campaign purposes, especially if you have gathered enough followers
  • to consistently promote blog posts, especially if your are always blogging on the move
  • to engage in conversations, if you are monitoring the latest trend in your topic interest
  • to follow industry trends in real-time

Are there any other possible uses of TwitterPeek that  I missed?

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