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Pennsylvania joins the blogs are bad for kiddies push: virus spreading

Pennsylvania joins the blogs are bad for kiddies push: virus spreading

The “blogs are bad for kiddies” virus continues its march across the heartland of middle America with a new outbreak being reported in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Spreading the virus is Charlie Reisinger, director of technology for the Penn Manor School District, who is telling parents that blogs are “possibly most dangerous pages on the Web.”

Not content at just quoting local school officials, local channel WGAL8 gets in on the act, with the un-named reporter stating “Blogs are easy for those comfortable with computers and technology to create. There are several Web sites that offer step-by-step instructions to set them up and then host them with no cost. The problem is that just about anyone can access the blog. Sexual predators and cyber bullies often gather the information and use it for their own purposes.”

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As is not unusual with outbreaks of the virus, no mention was made of drugs, pornography, violence or any of the other issues that apparently pale into insignificance compared to the dangers of blogs and blogging.

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  • Again I say it’s not the blogs that are the problem but the kids who are stupid enough to post personal information on the web and the parents who are too inattentive to notice.

  • It seems this is really spreading like a virus. Seeing it here is the second time today I have heard of this story while checking the blogs I like to keep up on. But I have to agree with the commentators so far that this comes down to parental responsibility. How about the actual idea of parents knowing where their kids are surfing the net and educating them about the risks of putting out their personal information in cyberspace? Of course, that would mean parents would actually have to get off their behinds and actually do some parenting. As for parents of teens, if they are afraid of what their teen may say, maybe they did not do their job as parents from early on. As a former high school teacher, I have seen this often enough. Teens out of control and so on because their parents did not do their job. Having said that, you can also tell which teens had good parents not afraid to do parenting. Those were the good decent ones with a nice set of values, confident in their self expression, and smart enough to know better about things like avoiding online risks. It really boils down to education, but it easier for ignorant public officials to blame a tool than to do their job. And seems I went on a bit of a rant, thanks for reading and best.

  • P.S. By the way, I like that line of “possibly most dangerous pages on the web.” I may add that tag to my blogs. Maybe we should all do that, bring a little subversion in and scare the powers that be.

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