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Perez Hilton Unmasked

Perez Hilton Unmasked

My my. It comes as no real surprise that Perez Hilton alias Mario Lavandeira doesn’t write all those posts himself. It has, in fact, been hinted at previously. Defamer, aka “the Hollywood column” on Gawker, got their hands on a lawsuit that confirms that it is not Mario Lavandeira who writes, but his sister Barbara. Naturally, they went digging and found out that Barbara is living a normal life, as opposed to her somewhat controversial celeb blogger brother.

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  • Specking in general, to all bloggers and site owners, you are responsible for all of your content on your site, yes even if you didn’t write it yourself, you are responseable and that goes for comments too…thats everything on your site and you can be sued for it too.

  • Perez Hilton should be sued and then dragged away to the funny farm. It’s ok to be a jerk, but violating other peoples’ privacy and harassing celebrities in an attempt to make them ‘come out’ is beyond deplorable. I think Perez is under the delusion that all men are gay because his boyfriend won’t give him enough. Then again, with his looks and lack of personality, who in his right mind – gay or straight – have sex with that lard ball?

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