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Performancing Metrics Unveiled

Performancing Metrics Unveiled

David Krug announces over at that they have launched a totally new Performancing Metrics, which is a comprehensive analytics package geared towards bloggers of all kinds (that means whether you’re an A-lister, Z-lister, or whatever lister, as Lorelle defines here).

Performancing Metrics is a new and unique web analyzer that gives bloggers and smaller web sites a more personal understanding of their visitors. Many analyzers give good summaries, and Performancing Metrics is no different – but the similarities stop there. Performancing Metrics stands out with its refreshingly clean and simple interface, innovative features like Spy and RSS feeds, and an unrivaled per visitor level of detail. You also get real time stats, outbound link tracking, download tracking, and much much more.

Here’s what Performancing Metrics gives you:

By including just 2 lines of HTML code on your web site, juicy tidbits of information about every click by every visitor to your site are sent back to Performancing Metrics and logged to your account. This information includes the visitor’s IP address, geolocation, web browser, operating system, URL and page title, the date and time, and the referer (where they came from, e.g., Google). If a visitor comes from a search engine, we extract their search query so you can easily see visitor’s searches up front. (Most engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Ask, Live, and others are supported). Performancing Metrics even works with visitors who have javascript disabled.

Performancing Metrics comes free for users with less than 1,000 pageviews per day, which would include most blogs. For users with higher traffic levels, premium packages are available starting from $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year. All new users get a 21-day free trial of the premium package.

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Users also get the chance to earn a 20% commission on direct referrals, and 5% on second-level referrals.

More information about Performancing Metrics can be found on the About page. If you want to sign up, or if you already have a Performancing account, head on to

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  • So J., nice report but you left off about half of it. What does Performancing get out of this deal? That is a _lot_ of information for them to be collecting including spying upon the details of your individual readers. With whom will thye share this data … i.e., like the question that My Blog BLog would never answer … until they got bought by Yahoo is … who gets to use this data aside from the “chump” who took the time to put the code on their site?

    Also, under the old regime Performancing frequently caused big time slowdowns in the loading of my blog pages … that’s the main reason I threw it away long before the company collapsed.

    Publishers should also look careful at their ad network agreements … Google, in particular prohibits third-party tracking of their propriety ad clicks … does Perfomancing violate this? I dunno, but if I don’t put their ‘stuff’ on my site I will never have to worry, will I?

  • Although it is cool to hear what Dave is doing with this, already does this for my blogs (except for the operating system and page title features which I am not too sure I need to know unless I was working for the government).

    Similarities aside, I think I might test this system out, especially their referral package. :-)

  • I was more curious with the comment on the announcement page, that it is a clone of … Also .. I’ve looked at some of the statistics from the icon on the 901am pages . and it is interesting if you click ACTIONS/ Visitors, you can see all the comments from each visitor and their location. It’s quite public

  • Good insight, Dave. I guess David Krug should be the one to answer that. As for the slowdowns, I recall the old Performancing metrics used to bog down my site, too. This is new code, though (or at least different from the old one), so I guess those problems are no more.

    Darnell, the referral part does look good. Maybe another revenue source for “blue-collar” bloggers like us? :)

    Hart, location info via IP address isn’t very difficult to determine, I believe. But of course you cannot associate those to one exact person/user unless you have access to the ISP’s logs. You think this has privacy issues?

  • I’m not sure “clone” is the right word either, as that suggests “copied”. It is legally licensed software. And I understand that David may have plans to use the adsense tracking part of the old metrics as well, so thanks for the heads up on that.

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