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Pheedo claims RSS ads are proving more compelling than inline ads

Pheedo claims RSS ads are proving more compelling than inline ads

Pheedo has claimed that RSS ads are better than inline ads in their latest release of their “Pheed Read” report

Pheedo’s analysis is based on the activity on its network of advertisers and publishers.

The following conclusions were made in the report:

– Standalone RSS ads are far more successful than inline ads. A standalone RSS ad (the entire post is the advertisement) generates, on average, a 7.99% click-through rate (CTR) — over nine times more clicks than an inline RSS ad (an advertisement within a publisher’s post).

– Placing RSS ads in every other post yields the highest percentage of click throughs. When ads are placed in every other feed post, users clicked on the ad an advertisement in every post in a feed, where the CTR is 1.04%.

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– RSS ads are outperforming similar Web ads. With traditional and rich-media online ads garnering CTR ranging from .20% to 1.17% CTR, according to a report by DoubleClick, standalone RSS ads, with an average CTR of 7.99%, are outperforming traditional online ads by a wide margin.

– Bloglines leads RSS readers in market share. Bloglines is the most used RSS reader among Pheedo publisher subscribers, consistent with previous “Pheed Read” data. With 34% penetration, Bloglines overshadows Yahoo, NetNewsWire and Mozilla, each with about 14% reader penetration.

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