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Pheedo teams up with BlogHer to offer ad network: men need not apply

Pheedo teams up with BlogHer to offer ad network: men need not apply

Advertising network Pheedo has teamed up with the folks for BlogHer, which is apparently an organisation now and not just a blogging conference, to launch the Pheedo BlogHer Ad Network.

To quote the media release

“Pheedo and BlogHer will work together to provide BlogHer members with the ability to join the network specifically for members, and open their weblogs and RSS feeds for advertising. Pheedo has also announced that it will share revenue generated from the network with BlogHer to support the non-profit’s development.”

“The revenue that Pheedo splits with BlogHer will go back into the organization, helping to fund and support the organization on a long-term basis. This income will supply the means to hold future conferences and increase outreach to expand and strengthen the BlogHer community, allowing the non-profit to realize its mission of exposure, education and support for women bloggers…by hosting this ad network and offering this unique opportunity for BlogHer members, Pheedo is supporting the BlogHer mission of initiating opportunities for greater visibility, learning and success for individual women bloggers and the community of bloggers as a whole in a significant way”

Great way to practice inclusiveness. Set up your own advertising network that excludes about 49% of the planet. I’ll leave the last word to Trudy W Schuett, a female blogger who I’ve got a lot of time for, on the whole BlogHer/ women as victims meme.

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“The way I see it, the whole issue has been constructed to give credence to an erroneous and passé idea that will benefit a few self-involved individuals at the expense of everyone else. The sad thing is that so many otherwise intelligent people with honest concerns for fairness get sucked in by those who really only want a little easy publicity for their collective neuroses.”

You can read her full post on the matter here

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  • Ok, 3rd comment for today, and probably the one that opens my jugular…

    Blogging, IMHO, is the great equalizer online. It allows – no – enables people to be heard. People. Regardless of who they are, where they live, who they know… whatever. You all get the message.

    Blogher is not a step forward for women, it’s a step back for the blogosphere.

    Are you a blogger? Do you have a voice? Is what you write worth reading? My web designer is a blogger and an amazing person. She (Teli) is also a woman. A contributing writer for one of my blogs is a woman. They will undoubtedly surpass me in fame and fortune sooner than later. Why? Because they’re women?

    No. They’ll do it because they’re great at what they do and for no other reason. Anything else would be unacceptable to them. That’s why.

    Self segregation is segregation, no matter what your ’cause’ is.

  • BlogHer is a community that’s open to anyone, as is the ad network.

    Here is my post on the Myth of Meritocracy that expresses some surprise at the naivete of people who thing the blog community is any different than other industries when it comes to advancement. Community and networking help people in this community too. I’m not sure why that is a threatening concept:

    The men who attended BlogHer got as much value from meeting and networking and learning as the women did. Read their posts.

  • The real irony in my not understanding the big deal in this is that in the last few weeks I have been mistaken for both a man and a black person pulling the race card. As I am a woman of Scottish/Irish descent, I find it interesting to think there’s so much hubub about discrimination on the net when we really don’t know who’s on the other side of that internet connection…and really who cares who you are anyway? Isn’t blogging supposed to be about expressing ourselves?

  • N. Mallory
    I couldn’t agree more, and to be honest that your a women or a man should be totally irrelevant.

    To Elisa, its not threatening, its stupid. Paul hits it on the head
    “Self segregation is segregation, no matter what your ‘cause’ is.”
    And yes, the blogosphere is a “meritocracy”. Got to admit, haven’t heard that word before but I’m loving it. My post Blog-Her list is to use this word a will and as often as I can :-)

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