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Photos And Videos Are Best Storytelling Devices For Social Media [Infographic]

Photos And Videos Are Best Storytelling Devices For Social Media [Infographic]

Facebook video sharingIf you want to grab the biggest audience possible on Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing networks your best bet is to post videos and photos that capture the eyes and ears of your listeners. A recently study by the team at?M Booth?and the media measurement firm?Simply Measured?has found that social media reach is best achieved through visual elements.

So what better way to showcase the visual virality of the world wide webs than through the use of an Infraphic.

In their showcase the company’s learned that videos are shared 12 times more than posts that simply feature links and text. Not surprising since users tend to be more invested in videos which take longer to watch and typically provide a good amount of eye candy or context.

The same study also found that photos while not as effective as video posts are still shared two times more than text posts on social networks.?

One thing to keep in mind is that most posts feature both text and photos or text and video which means users are simply adding value to their work and as sick as we may be of hearing it, content online is still king.

Here’s the social photo and video sharing study infographic:

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