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Pinterest Update Combines Pins and Idea Pins into a Single Format

Pinterest Update Combines Pins and Idea Pins into a Single Format

Pinterest update

Pinterest currently has two different tabs to scroll through content. The “Browse” tab allows you to scroll through the same layout Pinterest has had for years, photos. Their “Watch” tab, rolled out in 2021, is a feature that mirrors Instagram Reels. Soon, a new Pinterest update will change its layout completely to only one free-flowing lane where all Pins live.

What’s the difference? 

Idea Pins are the in-brand content from Pinterest. Think about it like the newest take on a TikTok-esque platform addition, similar to Instagram and Facebook Reels. An Idea Pin cannot link out to additional sites, and the key focus is to grow the channel or brand through Pinterest itself rather than outsourcing to another landing point.

Pinterest tried out the idea of video-based pins with the launch of Story Pins back in 2020. The execution was a bit different from Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook stories. This media was not only available for 24 hours. Pinterest Stories were able to be searched. The introduction of Story Pins came with much trial and error. The Idea Pin was created to make the best of both worlds in a video-first Pin.

In the traditional sense, a Pin is able to link to other websites and direct Pinterest users away from the platform. The new update will create a space where all pins can have links no matter if it is a Pin in the more traditional fashion or a more recent Idea Pin.

Why the Pinterest Update?

Updating the entire platform will give every user the same capabilities as those who can create Idea Pins and business accounts. All users will be able to monetize their accounts if they so choose to. The update itself will allow Pinterest to be on the same playing field as its competitors such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Monetization, scheduled posts, and other updated features will raise users to the level they have desired for their Pinned content.

Pinterest Update

1. Editing Tools

Everyone remembers the feeling of deleting an entire post on any platform quickly after noting a spelling error that was made, or a detail omitted in a graphic. After-the-fact editing is a key tool in updates of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in recent years. It allows a stress-free posting experience because the user knows they can always fix a spelling error previously missed, or throw in a link they previously omitted. Users will be able to attach stickers and overlay text to videos or static images with the new update as well.

2. Money, Money, Money

With the addition of links available for all posts, users can monetize their accounts. Creating a commissionable link gives additional side hustle avenues and full-time job extensions for those in the social world. Until now, Pinterest has not been completely functional with these benefits for all users, unless a business account was attached.

3. Pinterest Update Scheduling

Pinterest is upping its content management game by adding a content marketing function to schedule Pins to post at specific times using an API, application programming interface. This will allow those in social media content management roles, as well as the general public, to plan out their posts to create a more structured experience if they so desire.

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4. Flow

Users will not have to click through content. Instead, it will simply continue to flow through the pay curated for each user. It will automatically play the next Pin once the previous one is finished. One general flow creates an ever more user-friendly interface for all accounts.

5. Measurements

Metrics for views watch time, and other statistics will be available with the Pinterest update so that creators can have a better grasp on their accounts. Business accounts across platforms have always been able to see their statistics in a way that the general public cannot, but with now Pinterest will be open that feature up to all users.


In the newest Pinterest update, the app is combining its traditional Pins and new-age Idea Pins into one easy-to-use stream for the potential betterment of all users. After reading this blog you can confidently adapt and grow into the Pinterest update knowing all of the functions you know and love still exist, while gaining a few incredible new ways to enjoy and grow on the platform.

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