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Pixazza is Like Google AdSense for Blog Images

Pixazza is Like Google AdSense for Blog Images

pixazzaTo be honest while I was exploring this new income-generating scheme offered by Google-ventures back Pixazza, the first thing that came into my mind was those in-text advertising that pops-out whenever you hover onto link in a blog post. Only this time, Pixazza is doing it with blog images.

So what is Pixazza really?  In their own words:

Pixazza is a new platform that allows shoppers to buy products from photos seen on websites of our web publishing partners. Our unique capability allows these web publishers to generate  incremental revenues by “visual commerce enabling” the images that already exists on their websites.

So what is it again? It’s an internet service that serves interactive and engaging online ads through blog images. The visual ads are activated once a user hover on any picture on a particular blog or website.

In short it’s like AdSense, another blog income generating scheme for us bloggers. For blog readers, it could either be a useful service or just mere annoyances.

But unlike AdSense which generate targeted ads through search advertising algorithms, Pixazaa does it manually with its army of photo taggers.  Yes, it is possible at this early stage of Pixazza with around 100 photo taggers who identify relevant products to serve on blog publishers’ sites.

Will it still be possible once Pixazza goes mainstream?  We will know by then. But then,  are bloggers willing to use Pixazza on their blogs?

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According to Pixazza, there are already a dozen sites using their system.  Will these publishers earn? Will users actually use blogs to as a shopping tool?

Want to see Pixazza’s ad program in action? Check out this sample site.

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