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Plagiarism: Washington Post blogger resigns

Plagiarism: Washington Post blogger resigns

Conservative Blogger Ben Domenechhas resigned as the blogger of Red America at The Washington Post over plagiarism accusations:

Red America, my new blog at, has been under attack since its launch. It is a conservative blog on a mainstream media site, so many of the attacks were expected. If one bothers to read it, I believe it stands as a welcome addition to the opinion debate.

The hate mail that I have received since the launch of this blog has been overwhelmingly profane and violent. My family has been threatened; my friends have been deluged; my phone has been prank called. The most recent email that showed up while writing this post talked about how the author would like to hack off my head, and wishes my mother had aborted me.

But in the course of accusing me of racism, homophobia, bigotry, and even (on one extensive Atrios thread) of having a sexual relationship with my mother, the leftists shifted their accusations to ones of plagiarism. You can find the major examples here: I link to this source only because I believe it’s the only place that hasn’t yet written about how they’d like to rape my sister.

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I know that charges of plagiarism are serious. While I am not a journalist, I have, myself, written more than one thing that has been plagiarized in the past. But these charges have also served to create an atmosphere where no matter what is said on my Red America blog, leftists will focus on things with my byline from when I was a teenager.

Much coverage around this resignation – follow the conversation over at Memorandum.

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  • This is really sad. One day maybe the leftists will begin to understand how much they’re actually harming themselves by acting like animals.

    The WaPo was making a great step forward in new media, and it could have been a grand experiment that was good for everybody!

  • Trudy as a true leftist. When I say left. I mean you have to go far far left. I have read the accusative evidence and I would say the guy messed up. He was young and he screwed up. The WaPo screwed up by hiring him in the first place.

  • I think a lot of blogs have some kind of plagiarism anyways, because blogging is talking about thinks and so it is common to talk about things by quoting it.

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