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Plaxo Goes Back to Its Roots as Address Book

Plaxo Goes Back to Its Roots as Address Book

Remember Plaxo, the web’s address book that attempted to become a social network play? The company announced that it is relaunching as an address book.

Yup, Plaxo is returning to its roots as part of its repositioning.

As part of going back to its roots, the company is unveiling its address book-related services including the Plaxo Personal Assistant, a new service that makes automatic updates to its address book so that contacts remain relevant. Users of Plaxo can unify their contacts, eliminate duplicates and synchronize across different platforms and devices.

Looks promising? Well, that was the reason in the first place why Plaxo was born in 2002.

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The Plaxo Personal Assistant ensures that a user’s personal address book contains contact information that is always accurate and complete as possible. This can be done as Plaxo compares contact information from public sources and if it thinks that there is something new and more accurate, the Personal Assistant would recommend a change information.

Seems like a pretty neat idea as long as Plaxo stays on the address book game. We don’t know for how long.

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