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Podcast 2008.2: An exclusive interview with Duncan Riley on his exit from TechCrunch

Podcast 2008.2: An exclusive interview with Duncan Riley on his exit from TechCrunch

Duncan Riley, the former owner of The Blog Herald, has left his gig as a blogger for Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch, the number one blog in the blogosphere.

In this exclusive interview with Duncan, we talk about how he landed the gig at TechCrunch, his thoughts on working with Mike and the gang, some observations about the Web 2.0/VC situation in Silicon Valley, and what his future plans are. We’ll also get into the Full Feed v. Partial Feed debate and talk about a few other topics as well.

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Update: Duncan has announced his departure in a final post over at TechCrunch.

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Michael Arrington has a post up at TechCrunch about Duncan’s departure now. He also outs Duncan’s new venture at Inquisitr.

And now, on with the show. Notes after the jump….

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  • This podcast is copyright 2007… I suppose that can be add to the full feed category of changes.

    FriendFeed is good for a few things

    1. If you want people who use it to read your content, and you don’t have an account, they would have to create an “imaginary” account.
    Think of it as providing an RSS or email subscription on your blog

    2. I have seen people who don’t use SU share or like content that has appeared in Friendfeed – if that helps others then great

    3. Links – though Technorati don’t seem to like indexing the content, it will provide data for Google et al

    I hope Michael finds another writer who has an interesting point of view. Looking forward to the new blogs.

  • Great interview. Personally, I’m very big on FriendFeed and Twitter. Duncan sounds like he’s very much coming from the content producer side.

    Nice to hear him talk a little bit about mg at venture beat as well. also his idea that broad blogs rather than blog networks might see a lot of growth.

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