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PodPress Update in 10 Days

PodPress Update in 10 Days

PodPress is probably the most used podcasting plugin for WordPress, and the one we’ve been using here at The Blog Herald. However, there have been issues with it since WordPress 2.5, and it doesn’t work with recently released 2.6. Among others that are frustrated are David Peralty, who’s written about the issue.

Luckily, the PodPress developer says that we can expect a 2.6 compatible release within 10 days.

I wonder when WordPress will get native podcasting support, similar to the PodPress plugin? It is about time, I’d say.

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  • Well, I know David is not a fan of this plugin but people flocked to it because of the issues centered around podporess. It’s called Podcasting and was a Google Summer Of Code project to bring Podcasting to WordPress.

    I guess it wouldn’t be too bad to have native podcasting support. But I wonder how much it would be used. Perhaps if it were native, it would really boost the numbers in terms of podcasters just because of the number of people that use WordPress.

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