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Posterous chooses Rackspace Cloud for blog hosting

Posterous chooses Rackspace Cloud for blog hosting

posterous_logoWhen you’re an up-and-coming free blog service like Posterous, with some big name users on your books, then you need to ensure your web hosting is up to scratch.

To that end, Posterous has chosen The Rackspace Cloud to handle its hosting requirements.

The move means that the multimedia files users send to the Posterous service, for publication and dissemination via a number of other online services, will be stored on Rackspace’s Cloud Files.

Also being handled is company email and a range of application servers.

Posterous co-founder Sachin Agrawal said that the new deal means that the company can add new servers on the fly to cope with spikes in demand.

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  • Guys,

    I know that here’s not the place, but you haven’t changed your featured posts for quite a long time. Your fan crowd is getting anxious ;)

    On the topic: I have only heard good about Rackspace’s cloud hosting, Posterous have made a good choice to acceleratethe loading of their miniblogs’ multimedia content.

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  • Cloud hosting literally means your website is served on a web server cluster with many, many web servers handling all of your visitors. Our hosting platform grows and expands automatically as needed… instantly.

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