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PR professionals find blogs threatening: survey

PR professionals find blogs threatening: survey

A survey of PR professionals has found that many see blogs as posing a significant threat to corporate reputations. 64% agree that a disgruntled employee or a dissatisfied customer could use a blog to ignite a full blown crisis. 58 percent of respondents agree that businesses have not yet woken up to the threat posed by blogs.

The survey, conducted by British firm Blog Relations, also found that 82 percent of respondent agree that there are either “quite a few” or “many” businesses that could benefit from setting up their own blogs. (48 percent for “quite a few” and 34 percent for “many”), and that America is browsing blogs far more actively than Europe, with 73 percent of American respondents saying that they read blogs ‘€œAt least five times a week’€? as opposed to only 36 per cent in Europe.

Full details are available here.

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  • Isn’t your title misleading? Yes blogs can be threatening. The fact that they *can* be a threat doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used. On the contrary, 82% say that some companies should blog. Hmmm.


  • Blogs are no more a threat to corporate reputation than any other media outlet can be. A savvy person can already cause damage just by getting on talkback radio and having a whine or going to a newspaper or current affairs program. If the story seems like one thats good enough, the media will follow it up and kaboom – crisis time for the PR people.

  • This is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Finally, a way to get good customer service again!!!!

    Pam (off to establish my “UHaul Sux” blog)

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