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Printed Blog Magazine Set to Launch

Printed Blog Magazine Set to Launch

Would you pay $40 a year for a printed magazine about blogging? Interactive Global Media hopes so as they get set to unveil Bloghology, a publication that promises advice, interviews and useful how-tos designed to entertain and educate beginners and experts.

While there are plenty of sources to stay abreast of the latest blog happening (such as this fine Web site!), print pubs are few and far between. Not only do they require a lot of work to produce, they are quite expensive to design, print and distribute.

The digital component of Bloghology is a social network that is a collection of bloggers profiles, photos and links. Look for the first edition to drop at the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas later in September.

With an initial run of 40,000 copies Bloghology will be available four times a year.

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Would your drop $40 a year for a blogging magazine?

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  • I would like to thank all negative commentators as the chief editor of Bloghology. It seems we are on the right track.

    There are hundreds of popular PC related blogs, yet a lot of people are still reading printed PC Magazines. It is a matter of adding value to bloggers and introducing blogging to interested parties. We studied our homework very well, work hard this summer and committed to become all in one resource for bloggers. It is not solely a Blogger’s magazine. It is going to be one of the biggest blogging communities soon.

    Let me put the question this way: How much money do you spend in a day that 40$ a year seems too high for a printed blogging magazine?

  • No one ever pays the list price for a magazine. There’s either a really good subscription deal (90% off), or it’s Free to the “specialati”, i.e., the “target audience”. I’m sure Bloghology will follow this pattern.

  • I welcome a copy of Bloghology, and because i spend ungodly amounts of time online, i tend to like and read printed mags.

    I’m only subscribed to a few, but i do relish each one when it arrives.

  • Seems that there’s more than enough information online to not warrant a new for a printed magazine. My guess would be that their market is those who are not already blogging and want to learn more about blogging before jumping into this community. However, once those newbies get going, I’m sure their subscription will be canceled.

    For myself, no way would I pay $10.00 an issue. I just can’t imagine that this printed magazine will have more information, research, and interviews with people that I couldn’t get online, for free (or at least cheaper).

  • Hi Tony,

    Bloghology will be available all around the globe. It is not a magazine for US people only. Our team consists of people from USA, Indonesia, Ukraine, India, Greece and Turkey. We have a very good geographical coverage. It is too early to comment whether 100 million bloggers around the world are going to pay the list price for our magazine or not.

  • Hi Katy,

    If your personality as a blogger and your blogs are highlighted in the magazine, would you buy 10 copies per 10$? We may surprise you…

    Let me tell you about the short history of Bloghology. During my early days in blogging I noticed one thing in the blogosphere. Not all bloggers are good at personal branding and marketing. Especially the small bloggers face with a lot of challenges at the very beginning.

    Bloghology was born in January 2008 at my blog to help bloggers on marketing and personal branding by highlighting them and their blogs completely for free. Similar to an anthology, Bloghology was a collection of bloggers, their profiles, photos, and links to their best posts. It was a PDF e-book which can be easily circulated throughout the blogosphere for personal branding and marketing of start-up bloggers. It was evolved and became a magazine when I met Vasilis Pasparas, the owner of IGM Interactive.

    So the idea is not to sell more magazine copies here, our aim is to create an all in one resource for bloggers as well as a platform to introduce you to all bloggers around the globe.

  • I am new to the world of blogging. I just created my 1st blog a few weeks ago. It is not much, just a sort of diary I keep of things I want to remember about certain events in my life. I’ve recently become very interested in learning how to make a living by blogging and have been doing some research and a magazine like this I think could be very helpful. I just don’t really care for the price? The most I’ve ever paid for a magzine or ever will pay for a magazine is $5 at most.

  • Bloghology will have two versions; a monthly digital version (12 issues
    per year), and a quarterly printed version (4 issues plus one Blog World
    Expo special edition, 5 issues per year). The first printed edition is scheduled to December 2008.

    Yet you can check our Blog World Expo special digital edition by
    registering a free account at

    I am looking forward to have your thoughts and suggestions on our digital version.

  • did this ever come to fruition? I’m totally looking for a magazine that i could bring on train/metro while commuting…not about to flip open the laptop in crazy crowds like that :)

  • Sounds very interesting. I am all for successful blogging and taking blogging to the next level, I would def. subscribe if it helped me become a better blogger myself. And I would recommend it to my blog readers as well if I found it worthwhile.

    As a matter of fact I am having a Blog event, Blog Café 1.0, in NYC on October 2nd, 2009 where bloggers and their readers will meet and greet (Networking event). I would love to promote Bloghology at my event if possible.

    Please contact me at info(at) if you are interested.



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