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Prof’s Anti-Gay Blog Returns To University Website

Prof’s Anti-Gay Blog Returns To University Website

An interesting question of free speech vs hate speech.> Prof’s Anti-Gay Blog Returns To University Website

“A day after Indiana University ordered the removal of one of its professors web log that contained anti-gay postings, it has been reinstated.”

“A university attorney determined that the web log, or blog, did not violate any school policies, and that removing it could be a violation of Professor Eric Rasmusen’s right of free speech.”

“Rasmusen who teaches business uses the postings to condemn gays and calls for gays and lesbians to be removed from jobs as teachers, elected officials and doctors.”

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“Among the postings is one equating gays to child molesters.”

“Male homosexuals, at least, like boys and are generally promiscuous. They should not be given the opportunity to satisfy their desires,” the posting says.”

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  • Why’s everyone mad?! I think is funny, and I am gay! Everybody’s overreacting – blog, blog, blog in opposition to it, when it’s the most creative “anti” site I’ve ever seen.

    The parodies are hooked on phonics, “MORPH”ing the original song’s lyrics into an entirely different song. The screenplays are wildly amusing (especially America’s Horniest Home Videos), the T-shirts make you think and laugh, and the Linda Tripp-esque copied AOL gay chats are more than revealing!

    So why is everybody so mad? Is it because the author admits to being gay? Or is it because he admits to being traumatically brain-injured?

    Stop with the tirades against him. He’s obviously lonely with too much time on his hands, who are WE to judge his use or misuse of time?!

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