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Prologue Theme For WordPress is it a Twitter Killer?

Prologue Theme For WordPress is it a Twitter Killer?

Matt and team at Automattic have released The Prologue Theme for WordPress, a WordPress theme designed to be a localized version of a simple messaging service like Twitter. Seems to be a lot of talk about it over on TechMeme. I’m thinking this could be very useful for teams and internal communications within companies where you don’t want people to publishing stuff to the general public but need to collaborate on internal communications in a creative Zen like fashion.

Check it out and download it today.

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  • I hope it’s a twitter killer. I would love to give up the old bird and create a multi author blog with friends. This could completely revolutionize blogging. And I hope it does :-)

  • Not really keeping to its original intention, but Prologue’s clean, white, iPhone friendly creative inspired me to build a Jakarta bar listings & review site:

    Innovative use of various WP comments plugins allow users to not just submit their reviews, but also ratings, as well as rate the reviews of other users.

  • I have installed the Prologue theme to my wordpress though in the admin section I cant seem to find the place where I (or user) can upload their profile image, does any body have this problem? can anybody help me out?

  • This rocks! I’ve read that Prologue is a new WordPress theme and described as a group Twitter, to enable each other know what they are up to. According to Matt, Prologue theme has comments, permalinks, RSS feeds, Gravatars, XML-RPC, everything we would expect. I wish! =) Anyway, when I get a chance today I’ll watch the demo and hopefully it will be instructive that I’ll be running with the big dogs there… hehehe

  • Wow, that theme rocks. The versatility of WordPress never ceases to amaze me.

    It’s phenomenal what can be done, given enough time, resouces and skills.

    It’s a killer theme for someone looking for the twitter type functionality, but on their own doamin – there are several real world applications of this combination of WordPress and the Prologue Theme that spring to mind immediately, both for internal use in a workgroup and project environment and an external use for part of a website.

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